Maintenance Contracts

We offer per device and blocks of hours.  Below are a few of our contract services.

• On call 24 hour 7 days a week for emergencies.
• All anti-virus updates
• All communications i.e. internet, and remote networking etc.
• All in house networking.
• Installation of any software and all software.
• Training of basic operations
• Routine maintenance of server i.e. patches, security patches ,etc.
• Routine maintenance of workstations i.e. Microsoft patches, security patches etc.
• Security logging at server level.
• Set up of all new machines added to existing system
• Consultation and meetings pertaining to software and/or vendors or any other meeting.

Preventive Maintenance
Air dust and brush air intake and exhaust vents from inside CPU
Run advance diagnostics on all installed devices
Inspect cables for damage and ensure good connection
Air dust and brush keyboard
Check monitor for horizontal and vertical alignment
Virus scan
Examine interior and exterior of printer for smudges, dust, etc.
Accumulation of paper lint should be carefully removed
Paper dust shall be cleaned off drive rollers, transfer guide, transfer corona assembly etc.
Perform “self test” and communication check

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