Security Cameras

Sadly in our modern world we have to be proactive when it comes to security. We can no longer ignore the threat to our guests, the liability of not having a quality security camera system can open the door for lawsuits . The truth is we want to assist law enforcement in catching the bad guys”. The better the system, the better the images recorded and the easier it is to recognize the perpetrator.

Midtron installs “State of art” High definition IP cameras along with a NVR (Network Video Recorder) ranging for 4 channel to 128 channels. The NVR software has the ability to watch zones for movement or lack of. Example: Someone comes in and puts a suitcase or package down then walks away. The software watches the zone and after a predetermined time, checks to see if it has been moved. If it has not, the device alerts security. This is useful for thwarting a bomb attack or for helping the tired guest who forgot their suitcase. This is just one of the many examples and features built in to the system we install.
These systems can be set up to viewed by a number of staff depending on permissions. They can be setup to be remote to view-able and best of all , they are affordable.

Since the world we live in forces us to have security cameras, why not have the best?

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